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Ende der Fossilen


UK court ruling provides ammo for anti-fossil fuel lawyers worldwide

Britain’s top court ruled that emissions from burning a fossil fuel – not just producing it – should be considered in decisions on new extraction projects


Die Jahrhundertaufgabe soll im Osten stiften gehen

Seit 1990 befindet sich Ostdeutschland im Braunkohle-Ausstieg, doch wie in diesem Jahrhundert die Folgekosten bewältigt werden können, ist weiter unklar. Die Grünen warben kürzlich erneut für ihr Stiftungsmodell.


IEA calls for next national climate plans to target coal phase-down

Countries have agreed to reduce power generated from coal, but shutting down plants is an economic and social challenge, especially in emerging economies


G7 countries must deliver on COP28 promise to cut fossil fuels

For Pacific Island nations like mine, the transition to clean and renewable energy is not just a goal but a necessity for survival


These Teens Adopted an Orphaned Oil Well. Their Goal: Shut It Down.

Students, nonprofit groups and others are fund-raising to cap highly polluting oil and gas wells abandoned by industry.


G7 beschließt Kohleausstieg mit Einschränkung

Ist der Kohleausstiegs-Beschluss des G7-Gipfels wirklich der "historische Erfolg", als der er gefeiert wird? Die Formulierungen im Abschlussdokument lassen zweifeln. Zumal die G7-Länder noch weit hinter eigenen Zusagen zurückbleiben.


G7 agree to end use of unabated coal power plants by 2035

Agreement gives leeway to countries heavily reliant on coal and allows power plants fitted with carbon-capture technology


The Oil Crash Is Coming Sooner Than We Think

Oil in the North Sea is expected to be net-energy negative by 2031. This means that in 2031, it’ll cost more energy to extract the fossil fuels than we would gain by using them, rendering extraction unfeasibly expensive.


Clean, cheap or fair – which countries should pump the last oil and gas?

The world will need oil and gas for a few decades more – and the debate is heating up over who should get to produce and sell it


The Ukraine war is no excuse for endless fossil fuel expansion

We need to get serious about transitioning off fossil fuels

How fossil fuels went from sidelines to headlines in climate talks

When Romain Ioualalen started a new campaigning job at Oil Change International, he was tasked with putting fossil fuels on the agenda of international climate talks. That was in April 2020, just after the start of the pandemic.


“A la carte menu”: Saudi minister claims Cop28 fossil fuel agreement is only optional

Abdulaziz bin Salman’s interpretation of the agreement was slammed as “incredibly misleading” as the text “calls on” all governments to transition from fossil fuels


* REVIEW 2023 * Climate scientists hail 2023 as ‘beginning of the end’ for fossil fuel era

Cautious optimism among experts that emissions from energy use may have peaked as net zero mission intensifies


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * Après la COP28, fin de partie pour les énergies fossiles ?

Chaque année, les négociations des COP sur le climat se déroulent un peu plus sous pression. Année la plus chaude jamais connue par l’humanité, 2023 a battu les records.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Inizia la transizione, ma con molte concessioni all’Oil & Gas

Il phase-out, l’abbandono graduale dei combustibili fossili, non è stato inserito nel testo finale del Global Stocktake (GST).


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Kemferts Klima-Podcast : Die Greenwashing-Konferenz von Dubai auf Apple Podcasts

Kein Ausstieg aus den fossilen Energien, stattdessen ein "Übergang" weg davon. Bei der Klimakonferenz in Dubai haben sich die Staaten darauf geeinigt. Klima-Ökonomin Kemfert: Dieser Minimal-Kompromiss wird nicht reichen.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * ‘The future is renewable’: How a huge gamble sealed Cop28 deal

Not long before the crucial final meeting of Cop28 climate summit, a seemingly chance meeting took place in the heavily guarded VIP lounge next to the main conference hall in Dubai.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Klimagipfel endet im Wünsch-dir-was

Der Erfolg der Weltklimakonferenz in Dubai bemisst sich an ihrer wichtigsten Aufgabe: ob die Staaten der Welt beim Klimaschutz real vorangekommen sind. Das ist nicht einfach zu beantworten. Bei der COP 28 war für alle etwas dabei.


* COP28 | AL JABER * Cop28 president says his firm will keep investing in oil

The president of the Cop28 climate summit will continue with his oil company’s record investment in oil and gas production, despite coordinating a global deal to “transition away” from fossil fuels.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Klimakonferenz findet Kompromiss zu fossilen Energien

Die Klimakonferenz wäre an der Formulierung zur Zukunft der fossilen Energien fast gescheitert. In der Nacht auf Mittwoch fand sich aber ein Kompromiss, mit dem alle Länder ähnlich unzufrieden sind. Das reichte, um den "VAE-Konsens" zu verabschieden.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * L’accord obtenu à la COP28 à Dubaï est-il vraiment historique?

Jusqu'à présent, seules des mesures de "réduction" du charbon avaient été inscrites, notamment lors de la COP26 à Glasgow en 2021. Ni le pétrole ni le gaz n'avaient été explicitement désignés jusqu'à cette COP28 à Dubaï, marquant ainsi la levée d'un tabou longtemps préservé.


Australia ends finance for fossil fuel expansion overseas – now focus turns to local subsidies

The Australian government has been praised for joining a global partnership committed to stopping billions of dollars in foreign aid and loans being spent on fossil fuel expansion, but the decision has also prompted renewed calls for it to reconsider polluting subsidies at home.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * No ‘phase-out’, but Dubai deal puts oil and gas sector on notice

Countries have agreed on the need to shift away from burning fossil fuels for the first time in the UN climate process, at Cop28 talks in Dubai. The “UAE consensus” did not go so far as to call for a “phase-out” as more than a hundred countries wanted.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Oil Companies Are Fine With Call to Move Away From Fossil Fuels

Eni, the Italian energy giant, praised the “great pragmatism” of the meeting.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Cop28 failed to halt fossil fuels’ deadly expansion plans – so what now?

Petrostates fought fiercely against the call from 130 nations at Cop28 for a fossil fuel phase-out. That is because they are engaged in a colossal fossil fuel phase-up, already working on double the extraction that the planet can cope with.


* COP28 | REACTIONS * Indigenous people and climate justice groups say Cop28 was ‘business as usual’

As the leaders of the developed world hailed the Cop28 agreement to “transition away” from fossil fuels as historic, Indigenous people, frontline communities and climate justice groups rebuked the deal as unfair, inequitable and business as usual.


* COP28 | OUTCOME * Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Dubai

Nearly every country in the world has agreed to “transition away from fossil fuels” – the main driver of climate change – at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. It is the first time such an agreement has been reached in 28 years of international climate negotiations.


* COP28 | REACTIONS * Achim Steiner: «Es reicht nicht, aber es ist nicht schlecht.»

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* COP28 | LOBBYING * Wenn die Erdöllobby Klimapolitik macht

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* COP28 | LOBBYING * Opec rails against fossil fuel phase-out at Cop28 in leaked letters

The Opec oil cartel has warned its member countries with “utmost urgency” that “pressure against fossil fuels may reach a tipping point with irreversible consequences” at Cop28, in leaked letters seen by the Guardian.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * How a Fossil Fuel Treaty Could Support the Paris Agreement and Wind Down Production

One of the most important questions surrounding the COP28 climate summit is whether nations will finally agree to phase out fossil fuels, which are responsible for the vast majority of climate-warming pollution.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * Why defining the ‘phaseout’ of ‘unabated’ fossil fuels is so important at COP28

The future of fossil fuels – and whether to agree to phase them “down” or “out” – is shaping up to be a key battle at the COP28 climate talks in Dubai.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUEL PHASEOUT * More Than 100 Countries at COP28 Call For Fossil Fuel Phaseout

Climate activists and countries hard hit by climate disasters seek to break the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold on global climate talks.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUEL PHASEOUT * Cop28 president says ‘no science for fossil fuel phase-out’ claim was misinterpreted

The president of Cop28 has been forced into a fierce defence of his views on climate science, after the Guardian revealed his comment that there was “no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5C”.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * The EU Parliament Calls For Fossil Fuel Phase Out Ahead of COP28

The resolution outlines the position of elected European Union lawmakers going into COP28 and could help ensure that negotiators focus on a phaseout at the negotiations beginning Nov.


* COP28 | FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * The ‘inevitable’ fossil fuel fight set to dominate Cop28

Phasing down fossil fuels is “inevitable” and “essential”. It is hard to imagine the CEO of an oil major saying that 10 years, five years, even one year ago.


Die Kohle von Lindner

Seit Mitte Oktober laufen im Braunkohlekraftwerk Jänschwalde in Brandenburg wieder zwei Blöcke als sogenannte "Winterreserve". Auch im vergangenen Winter hatte der Betreiber, die Lausitz Energie AG, die beiden Anlagen aufgrund der gesetzlichen Vorschriften angeworfen.


Gesundheitsexpert:innen fordern Ausstieg aus fossilen Energien

Die Klimakrise ist auch eine Gesundheitskrise. Schon heute sterben zahlreiche Menschen vorzeitig an den Folgen des Klimawandels oder an Krankheiten, die durch den Klimawandel beeinflusst werden.


* COP28 * The West wants to help developing countries transition to renewables. It’s off to a rocky start

The Komati coal-fired power plant, located 88 miles east of Johannesburg in South Africa’s coal heartland, has been called the flagship of the country’s budding energy transition. At its peak, the facility, which came online in 1961, produced 2 percent of the country’s power supply.


Why all fossil fuels must decline rapidly to stay below 1.5C

With 151 countries, 257 cities and 969 companies having announced net-zero targets, it is clear that much of society now understands the need to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by mid-century in order to limit dangerous warming.


* CLIMATE FINANCE * EU countries hammer out joint stance for Cop28 climate summit

EU countries on Monday (16 October) adopted a common stance for the United Nations Cop28 international climate conference but language on the EU’s emissions reduction target and fossil fuel exit goal was softened to reach a unanimous decision.


Africa and India push rich nations to phase out fossil fuels faster

Six weeks ahead of the Cop28 climate talks, negotiators from Africa and India have set out separate plans to push developed countries to do more to move away from fossil fuels.


* UN CLIMATE AMBITION SUMMIT * China opposes ‘not realistic’ global fossil fuel phase-out

China’s climate envoy Xie Zhenhua said today that a global fossil fuel phase-out is unrealistic, dampening hopes that such an aim could be agreed at the Cop28 climate talks.


* PEAK OIL * Oil companies cautious about drilling as energy transition looms

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept 20 (Reuters) - Government policies to fight climate change are discouraging oil companies from investing heavily in new production even as they turn in record profits - a dynamic that could spell tight supply and high prices as clean energy alternatives seek to fill the void.


* PEAK OIL * Peak Oil Is Near, Energy Agency Says, but Climate Change Is Far From Solved

Cleaner energy technologies like electric cars and solar panels are spreading so rapidly that the global use of oil, coal and natural gas could peak this decade, but countries will still need to pursue more aggressive measures if they want to limit global warming to relatively safe levels, the world


‘Beginning of the end’ of fossil fuel era approaching, says IEA

The world’s demand for oil, gas and coal will begin to decline this decade in “the beginning of the end” of the fossil fuel era, according to the global energy watchdog.


World at ‘beginning of end’ of fossil fuel era, says global energy agency

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Une coalition de pays réclame une « sortie urgente » des énergies fossiles

Une coalition de dix-huit pays menée par les Îles Marshall a réclamé vendredi 'une sortie urgente des énergies fossiles' et 'un pic des gaz à effet de serre d'ici à 2025'. Cela au terme d'un sommet sur le climat à Bruxelles à cinq mois de la COP28.


UAE’s al Jaber says Cop28 will fast-track phase down of fossil fuels

The United Arab Emirates’ Cop28 will accelerate an energy transition that “phases down the use of fossil fuels”, its president-designate Sultan al Jaber said, raising expectations for the climate summit in Dubai.


Keine Festlegung im Osten auf Kohleausstieg 2030

Windkraft am Kohlekraftwerk Jänschwalde in der Lausitz: Wie wird die Transformation gesteuert? (Bild: Thomas Knauer/​Visdia/​Shutterstock) Die letzte Frist, um das Heizungsgesetz fertigzustellen, hat die Ampel am Freitag eingehalten.


India pauses plans to add new coal plants for five years, bets on renewables, batteries

BENGALURU, India (AP) — The Indian government will not consider any proposals for new coal plants for the next five years and focus on growing its renewables sector, according to an updated national electricity plan released Wednesday evening.

Australia Eyes a Fraught Pivot from Coal Power to Renewables

The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. When it was first announced in 2017 that Australia’s oldest power station, Liddell, would close, the news set off a political firestorm.

India mulls end to coal plant construction

India plans to stop building new coal-fired power plants, apart from those already in the pipeline, by removing a key clause from the final draft of its National Electricity Policy (NEP), sources said.


Approvisionnement en énergie: “Les énergies fossiles doivent être entièrement remplacés”

Dübendorf, St. Gallen und Thun, 28.04.2023 - Interview de Peter Richner, expert en énergie et directeur adjoint de l'Empa, sur notre avenir énergétique - et la difficulté des "prévisions".


Energieversorgung: «Ein Ersatz fossiler Energieträger ist dringend nötig»

Dübendorf, St. Gallen und Thun, 28.04.2023 - Interview mit Peter Richner, Stellvertretender Direktor Empa, zu unserer Energiezukunft – und der Schwierigkeit von "Prognosen".


Record clean-power growth in 2023 to spark ‘new era’ of fossil fuel decline

The power sector is about to enter a “new era of falling fossil generation,” as coal, oil and gas are pushed out of the grid by a record expansion of wind and solar power, according to new analysis by climate thinktank Ember.


G7 vows more effort on renewables but sets no coal phaseout deadline

The Group of Seven richest countries set higher 2030 targets for generating renewable energy, amid an energy crisis provoked by Russia's war on Ukraine, but they set no deadline to phase out coal-fired power plants. At a meeting hosted by Japan, ministers from Japan, the U.S.


Es braucht keine fossilen Kraftwerke

Ein Forschungsteam der ZHAW kommt zum Schluss, dass die vom Bund geplanten fossilen Reservekraftwerke für die Stabilität des Schweizer Stromnetzes nicht gebraucht werden. Damit bestärken sie den Klimastreik, der sich gegen die fossilen Ausbaupläne seit längerem wehrt.


L’industrie fossile est-elle la nouvelle menace nucléaire? L’idée fait son chemin

Un traité de non-prolifération des énergies fossiles pour accélérer la décarbonation de l'économie. C'est l'idée portée par plusieurs Etats, ainsi que par un nombre croissant d'ONG, de villes et de scientifiques. Peut-elle faire boule de neige?


Nations seek compromise on fossil fuel phase-out ahead of Cop28

Governments will continue to discuss whether to call for a phase-out of fossil fuels ahead of the Cop28 climate talks, the Egyptian Cop27 president told reporters after a gathering of 50 climate ministers in Copenhagen today.


«Grünes Paradoxon» mit der Kohle – Wie die Energiewende gelingen kann

«Das Ende der Kohle ist in Sicht», verkündet die Website der Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) recht feierlich.


How quickly does the world need to ‘phase down’ all fossil fuels?

India and China were widely criticised at COP26 in 2021 when they pushed to tone down the language on coal consumption that emerged from the climate summit.


The world promised to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. Instead, it doubled them.

The pact included a historic promise to stop pouring billions each year into financial aid for fossil fuels. It called on governments to accelerate the “phase-out of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies,” which keep the price of fossil fuels artificially low.


UAE minister calls for “phase out” of oil and gas

Governments failed to agree on this wording at previous climate talks and this phrase is likely to divide nations at the Cop28 summit in Dubai in November.


IPCC asks emerging countries to drop coal faster than rich nations did

The scientists who plan out how to limit global warming to 1.5C have asked coal-reliant countries to phase out the fuel faster than is realistic, a new study says. The study published in the journal Nature found that a typical 1.


Momentum grows towards 2050 zero carbon shipping target

Cruise ship Carnival Breeze docking in Grenada, January 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic put most tourism on hold (Pic: Larry Syverson/Flickr) Momentum is growing behind calls to decarbonise global shipping, as several large emerging economies joined rich nations and climate vulnerable Pacific

Rich nations mobilise $15.5bn for Vietnam’s coal-to-clean transition

Wealthy countries and banks will provide $15.5 billion to help Vietnam transition away from coal, the UK foreign ministry announced on Wednesday. Half of the money is to come from governments, the Asian Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation.


Sichere Schweizer Energieversorgung 2035

Täglich sterben weltweit bis zu 150 Tier- und Pflanzenarten aus. Brände, Hungersnöte und Überschwemmungen häufen sich. Die Biodiversitätskrise und die Klimakrise sind die grössten menschgemachten Bedrohungen für unseren Planeten, unsere Lebensgrundlage.


Pour un approvisionnementénergétique suisse et sûr en 2035

Chaque jour, 150 espèces animales et végétales s’éteignent dans le monde. Les incendies, famines et inondations se font de plus en plus fréquents. Pour la planète, notre base existentielle, la crise de la biodiversité et celle du climat sont les plus grandes menaces induites par l’homme.


Approvvigionamento energetico sicuro in Svizzera 2035

Ogni giorno in tutto il mondo si estinguono fino a 150 specie animali e vegetali. Incendi, carestie e inondazioni si verificano con sempre maggiore frequenza.


Renewables Will Overtake Coal by Early 2025, Energy Agency Says

In a new report, the international group said that solar, wind and other renewable sources will expand much more swiftly than forecast last year.


Kohlekraftwerke – Fossile Energieträger bleiben hoch im Kurs

Flora Champenois ist Kohle-Analystin bei der Denkfabrik Global Energy Monitor in New York. Sie wertet weltweite Daten zu geplanten, gebauten und ausser Betrieb genommenen Kohlekraftwerken aus. Sie stellt fest, dass es aus dem letzten Jahr durchaus Fortschritte zu vermelden gibt.


The Renewable Energy Transition Is Failing

Renewable energy isn’t replacing fossil fuel energy—it’s adding to it. Despite all the renewable energy investments and installations, actual global greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing.


* COP27 – OUTCOMES * Drei gute Nachrichten zur Klimakonferenz

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* COP27 – FOSSIL FUELS * In low-energy finish, oil and gas escape censure at Cop27

Shortly after the dawn call to prayer sounded across Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on Sunday, negotiators adopted a climate deal to polite applause.


* COP27 – COLOMBIA * In Colombia, Drilling Pays the Bills. The Country’s Leaders Want to Quit Oil.

The president says oil is his economy’s worst addiction. Phasing it out would be a global first for a major oil producer. ARAUCA, Colombia — Over the past four decades, Colombia has pumped billions of barrels of oil from under a vast savanna it shares with neighboring Venezuela.


Vietnam Nears $11 Billion-Plus Deal to Shift Economy from Coal

Vietnam is set to follow Indonesia and South Africa with a climate financing package of at least $11 billion to shift its economy away from coal and boost the rollout of renewable energy sources.

* COP27 – FOSSIL FUELS PHASEOUT * Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance adds new members

On Wednesday, the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA), led by Denmark, added Fiji, Tuvalu, Kenya, Chile and Washington state, which advocates say shows momentum is building from last year.


* COP27 – AMBITION * Costa Rica backs away from leading oil and gas phaseout coalition

Denmark and Costa Rica jointly launched the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (Boga) at last year’s Cop26 climate summit along with six other core members. This “group of first movers” committed to phase out or rule out fossil fuel development in their countries.


* COP27 – OFFSETS * John Kerry: Carbon offsets can help wean developing countries off coal

John Kerry wants to allow companies to offset their emissions by investing in the transition from coal to clean energy in developing countries.


It isn’t that we have too little oil and gas. It’s that we have too much

Hurricane Ian has just swept across the Caribbean and the US east coast. It’s likely to become the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history. The entirety of Cuba lost power for several days; homes have been flattened; and repairing the devastation could cost billions.


Fossil fuels: Is the world on track for moving past coal, oil and gas production?

Scientists, economists and Indigenous activists met in Oxford in September to discuss a challenge central to solving climate change: how can the world rid itself of fossil fuels?


Vanuatu backs fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty at UN general assembly

Vanuatu also sought support for its campaign to seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice on countries’ legal obligations to protect people from climate disasters Vanuatu, a Pacific island nation of 310,000 people, has called on countries at the UN general assembly to sign up to a fo


Pope calls for courage in halting use of fossil fuels to protect planet

Pope Francis called on Saturday for “courage” in abandoning fossil fuels and lamented that older generations did not know how to protect the planet and secure peace.


Le pape invite à avoir le « courage » « d’abandonner les sources d’énergie fossiles »

Il faut remettre en question le modèle de développement du monde et le réformer sans tarder. C’est le message lancé par le pape François, samedi 24 septembre, devant un millier de jeunes réunis à Assise.


Remember That Coal Surge Last Year? Yeah, It’s Over

Renewable energy rose to make up nearly one-fourth of the electricity generated in the United States in the second quarter this year, while coal generation declined.


Hawaii Closes Its Last Coal-Fired Power Plant

A state law bans the use of coal for energy production beginning next year.The AES Hawaii Power Plant on Oahu supplied more than 11 percent of Hawaii’s electricity in 2021.Credit...


What we learned about coal phaseout by studying 15 countries

Michael Jakob, senior fellow at the Ecologic Institute and senior researcher at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change. Jan C.


Durchbruch mit Lücken

Neue und alte Bekenntnisse: Zwei Tage lang diskutierten die Energie- und Umweltminister:innen der G7-Staaten in Berlin über Auswege aus der Klima-, Biodiversitäts- und Verschmutzungskrise.


U.N. Chief Warns of ‘Catastrophe’ With Continued Use of Fossil Fuels

António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, said instead of replacing Russian oil, gas and coal, nations must pivot to clean energy.


* UKRAINE WAR * A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use

Several governments are introducing measures to help consumers by reducing prices at the pump. Wherever possible, pricing measures should be designed carefully, prioritising the poorest parts of the population and those for whom cars are an indispensable part of their economic activity.

* GUERRE EN UKRAINE * France ends gas heaters subsidies, boosts heat pumps in bid to cut Russia reliance

PARIS, March 16 (Reuters) - France will end government subsidies for the installation of new residential gas heaters and boost support for renewable energy heating in a bid to further reduce reliance on Russian fossil fuel exports, the environment minister said on Wednesday.


In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things

On the last day of February, the IPCC issued its most dire report yet. The Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, had, he said, “seen many scientific reports in my time, but nothing like this.


Guest post: Why gender justice matters in the transition away from coal

Paula Walk and Isabell Braunger, researchers at the Europa University Flensburg and at the Technical University Berlin with a focus on sustainability transitions.


Finance Research

Below, you can look up these banks and investors and their coal financing or investments. You can also search for a GCEL company and look at the banks and investors behind it. The investment figures presented are gathered at the group level.


The Biden Administration Rethinks its Approach to Drilling on Public Lands in Alaska, Soliciting Further Review

Pipelines extend across the landscape outside Nuiqsut, Alaska, 36 miles from the Willow Master Development Plan located in the National Petroleum Reserve on Alaska's North Slope. Credit: Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post via Getty Images.