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UK court ruling provides ammo for anti-fossil fuel lawyers worldwide

Britain’s top court ruled that emissions from burning a fossil fuel – not just producing it – should be considered in decisions on new extraction projects


UK first European country to approve lab-grown meat, starting with pet food

Regulators approve Meatly pet product, cultivated chicken made from growing cells


* UK | ELECTIONS * Buses, trains and bicycle paths: Labour’s mission to decarbonise UK transport

Environment experts call for bold action as party attempts to revamp creaking infrastructure to hit net zero


Experts: What is the Labour government’s top priority for meeting UK climate targets?

Following a “landslide” Labour win in the UK general election, attention is turning to the new government’s next steps. Climate and energy were key parts of Labour’s election campaign and manifesto, with a range of policies it will now look to enact.


* UK | ELECTIONS * Britain Has Huge Clean Energy Ambitions, but Are They Realistic?

Analysts warn that the Labour Party’s proposals are unlikely to be cheap and could come at the cost of jobs in the oil and gas industry.


* ELECTIONS | UK * ‘Keir Starmer take note’: UK’s green transition must start now, say experts

Labour’s victory, alongside strong Green party performance, gives next PM mandate to act boldly on net zero, say campaigners


* ELECTIONS | UK * Can the Labour Party Bring Back Britain’s Green Groove?

The new government, widely expected to be led by Labour, has pledged to fast-track a green energy transition. It will face big challenges.


* ELECTIONS | UK * UK’s Labour promises “solidarity” with poorer nations on climate – but no new cash

Labour’s shadow foreign minister says cost-of-living crisis means some climate finance must come from outside rich governments’ budgets


Sarah Finch: climate activism ‘early adopter’ behind supreme court win

UK campaigner who fronted lawsuit on future impact of fossil fuel projects says she fears for future despite ruling


Oil Projects Must Consider Full Climate Impact, Top U.K. Court Rules

Previously, local council and planning groups in Britain had to weigh only the planet-warming emissions from their own operations.


* ELECTIONS | UK * What the manifestos say on energy and climate change

On 4 July, the UK will head to the polls to elect new members of parliament in the general election.


* ELECTIONS * Sunak backtracked on climate policies – and voters may punish him

Many hoped he would show global leadership – instead he pitched himself as ‘pragmatic’ and slowed the journey to net zero


UK ‘net zero’ project will produce 20m tonnes of carbon pollution, say experts

Government told Net Zero Teesside gas scheme will be massive polluter despite its carbon capture claims


* WAHLEN | GROSSBRITANNIEN * Neigen sich 14 Jahre Tories dem Ende zu?

Die Labour Party führt in den Umfragen für die kommenden Wahlen in Großbritannien. Anders als die konservativen Tories hat sie ein relativ ambitioniertes Klimaprogramm. Das könnte wahlentscheidend sein.


M&S invests £1m in tackling methane from burping and farting cows

Retailer works on changing diet with aim of cutting 11,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year


The Law is Criminalising Activists Because It Can’t Criminalise Violence

The British State this week overthrew a key legal defence protecting climate activists. The belief in consent defence has seen juries acquitting activists in criminal damage cases, much to the fury of the establishment and, on Monday, the Court of Appeal ruled that evidence presented by defendants about the effects of climate change would be “inadmissible” in the future.


Court ruling erodes climate activists’ ability to defend themselves – as the planet heats up

Court of appeal’s removal of ‘consent’ defence means defendants on trial for criminal damage can no longer use it in England and Wales


Scotland’s pledge to cut emissions by 75% by 2030 ‘no longer credible’

Climate Change Committee finds Scottish government has repeatedly failed to make cuts required by law


Le Royaume-Uni veut produire de l’électricité au Maroc et l’acheminer via des câbles sous-marins

Dès 2030, sept millions de foyers britanniques devraient être alimentés par de l'électricité renouvelable produite au Maroc, acheminée via des milliers de kilomètres de câbles sous-marins. Imaginé par la start-up britannique Xlinks, ce projet pharaonique est ambitieux, mais aussi critiqué.


UK government accused of trying to ‘stoke culture war on climate issues’

Green MP Caroline Lucas says call for investment in gas-fired power plants is election ploy that will jeopardise UK’s net zero target


UK’s net zero economy grew 9% in 2023, report finds

Green businesses and jobs are booming – in stark contrast to the national economy – but political U-turns risk future growth


* ENERGY CHARTER TREATY * UK to quit energy treaty that ‘penalizes’ net zero

Critics say the Energy Charter Treaty allows fossil fuel companies to sue governments over green policies.


* UK * Removing UK climate protesters’ defence ‘could erode right to trial by jury’

Attorney general’s attempt to end climate protesters’ use of consent defence is slippery slope, says KC


* ENERGY CHARTER TREATY * UK quits ‘outdated’ treaty that could penalise shift to net zero

The Energy Charter Treaty dating from the 1990s lets fossil fuel giants sue governments over climate policies.


* UK * Grossbritannien stutzt die eigenen Ambitionen in der Klimapolitik zurück

Der frühere britische Premierminister Boris Johnson liebte bombastische Ankündigungen in Bezug auf den Klimaschutz. Doch seine Nachfolger sind vorsichtiger. Der inflationsgeplagten Bevölkerung soll nicht zu viel zugemutet werden.


Minister consulted BP over incentives to maximise oil production, FoI reveals

Meeting took place days after BP reported record profits while households were squeezed by high energy bills


‘Grossly irresponsible’: UK hands out 24 new North Sea oil and gas licences

The move to grant 17 companies the right to drill for fossil fuels is ‘a pipe dream’ that will do little for energy security, say environmentalists


Key climate language poorly understood by majority

Terms such as ‘green’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ understood only by minority, says study


Third of UK teenagers believe climate change exaggerated, report shows

YouTube criticised for amplifying lies about the climate with disinformation videos watched by young people


* REVIEW 2023 * Record opposition to climate action by UK’s right-leaning newspapers in 2023

Last year saw a record number of UK newspaper editorials opposing climate action – almost exclusively from right-leaning titles – new Carbon Brief analysis shows. The analysis is based on hundreds of UK national newspaper editorials, which are the formal “voice” of the publications.


China stoppt Geld für Hinkley Point

Der chinesische Atomkonzern GCN beendet seine Zahlungen für das britische AKW-Neubauprojekt. Die Kosten für Hinkley Point C explodieren. Das trifft wohl am Ende die britische und französische Bevölkerung.


Police arrest 470 climate protesters in London in one month

Liberty condemns ‘staggering and shocking’ statistic as anti-protest legislation is enacted


More than a quarter of newly approved oil and gas blocks fall in marine protected areas

New UK offshore licences for the multinational oil giants Shell and Eni are among those sitting within sensitive conservation sites


Revealed: Colonial rule nearly doubles UK’s historical contribution to climate change

The UK is responsible for nearly twice as much global warming as previously thought, due to its colonial history, Carbon Brief analysis shows.


Allowing Cumbria coalmine was ‘disaster’ for climate diplomacy, says Lord Turner

The UK’s decision to open a new coalmine in Cumbria was a “disaster” that encouraged other countries to press ahead with fossil fuels, and the continued expansion of North Sea oil and gas is likely to continue the harm, a former chief adviser to the government has said.


Greta Thunberg pleads not guilty to breaching public order at UK protest

Greta Thunberg has pleaded not guilty to breaching a public order act after blocking the entrance to a hotel hosting a conference described by activists as the “Oscars of oil”.


New licences granted for North Sea oil and gas projects

The UK government has granted 27 oil and gas licences for projects in the North Sea. The licences have been issued for projects in central and northern areas of the North Sea and west of Shetland to allow oil and gas resources to be explored and developed.


Oil and gas ‘not the problem’ for climate, says UK’s net zero minister

Oil and gas are “not the problem” for the climate, but the carbon emissions arising from them are, the UK’s net zero minister has told MPs.


Claimants take UK government to court over inadequate climate adaptation

When Kevin Jordan bought his seaside home in Hemsby, Norfolk, he was told it would be safe for a century. In the decade since, 17 of his neighbours’ homes have had to be demolished, or have been swept away into the waters of the North Sea.


Carbon freebies: How UK firms can close factories and make millions on the carbon market

A little-known government scheme designed to encourage businesses to reduce emissions allowed one company to make £32m on the carbon market after closing a factory and causing hundreds of job losses.


Plans to Slash Emissions at Britain’s Largest Steel Plant Cause Unease

Two hulking towers nearly 300 feet high rise from the steel-making complex that dominates the shoreline of the faded industrial city of Port Talbot in Wales.


UK farmers warn over rotting crops after Storm Babet flooding

Potato and cereal crops are likely to have been heavily damaged by the recent devastating floods across the UK, farmers have warned. Entire fields have been submerged in water after Storm Babet swept across the country, with crops ruined.


Ölförderprojekt in der Nordsee – Geld oder Umwelt? Rishi Sunak zieht die Wirtschaft dem Klima vor

Die britische Regierung erlaubt, dass das letzte grosse Ölfeld in der Nordsee angebohrt wird. Das ist auch Wahlkampftaktik. 100 Kilometer nordwestlich der Shetlandinseln darf eine norwegische Firma nach Öl bohren.


UK gives go-ahead to develop Rosebank oil and gas field in North Sea

Britain has given the go-ahead for the Oslo-listed energy company Equinor to develop the Rosebank oil and gas field in the North Sea, the government’s oil and gas regulator has announced.


* UK’S ANTI CLIMATE U-TURN * UK government’s climate U-turns put legally binding targets in jeopardy

A series of U-turns in climate policy announced by prime minister Rishi Sunak could put the UK’s legally binding emissions targets in jeopardy, Carbon Brief analysis shows.


* UK’S ANTI CLIMATE U-TURN * ‘Pathetic’: what scientists and green groups think of UK’s net zero U-turn

Scientists and environmental groups have expressed anger and dismay at the U-turn on net zero expected by the prime minister. “Reports that the government is planning to drop essential climate policies send the wrong signals to businesses looking to invest in the new growth story of the future.


* UK’S ANTI CLIMATE U-TURN * Sunak faces backlash over plan to drop key net zero targets, with Ford saying ‘vital catalyst’ for car industry at risk – UK politics live

Broadly the way Conservative MPs have responded to the news that Rishi Suank is about to water down net zero targets in predictable ways, with rightwingers sceptical about climate measures delighted, and green Tories alarmed. But last night there was an interesting intervention from Simon Clarke.


* UK’S ANTI CLIMATE U-TURN * Al Gore leads international chorus of disapproval for Sunak’s climate U-turn

Al Gore, the former US vice-president, has described the decision by the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak, to water down key climate policies as “shocking and disappointing” and “not what the world needs from the United Kingdom”.


* UK’S ANTI CLIMATE U-TURN * Dismay as Rishi Sunak vows to ‘max out’ UK fossil fuel reserves

Rishi Sunak has pledged to “max out” the UK’s oil and gas reserves as he unveiled a new round of intensive North Sea drilling, which experts warned could be catastrophic for the climate.


* GROSSBRITANNIENS ANTI-KLIMA-WENDE * BBC-Bericht: Britische Regierung will Klimaziele verwässern

Um ihre Klimaziele zu erreichen, bezahlt die Schweiz ärmere Länder dafür, in ihrem Namen Emissionen zu reduzieren. Doch ist die Gefahr gross, dass die Millionen aus der Schweiz ohne Nutzen für Menschen und Umwelt verpuffen.


Gebühren für Abgasschleudern – Londons Bürgermeister bekommt den Furor der Autofahrer zu spüren

Konservative wittern eine Ökodiktatur, doch auch Linke sind skeptisch: Eine Umweltabgabe wird zum nationalen Politikum in Grossbritannien. Londons Bürgermeister Sadiq Khan gerät massiv unter Druck.


UK government bets on ‘pragmatic’ climate inaction ahead of election

The UK government led by Rishi Sunak has gone from indifference to hostile to climate measures in recent weeks, re-iterating its backing for oil production and polluting vehicles after previously cutting climate finance.


British Government Signals Support for Oil and Gas Industry

The British government said Monday that it would issue “hundreds” of new licenses for oil and natural gas exploration in the North Sea, as concerns about energy security and jobs at least momentarily outweigh efforts to address climate change.


Le reniement britannique

La raison de la volte-face du gouvernement de Rishi Sunak dont les commentateurs disent qu’il n’a aucune conviction idéologique sinon celle de conquérir le pouvoir coûte que coûte? Il serait ébranlé par une défaite surprenante des Travaillistes dans une élection locale de la banlieue de


New North Sea oil and gas fields ‘will not meet UK’s energy needs’

New oil and gas fields in the North Sea would produce only enough gas to satisfy the UK’s needs for a few weeks a year, with a minimal impact on energy security, analysis has found.

Revealed: UK plans to drop flagship £11.6bn climate pledge

The government is drawing up plans to drop the UK’s flagship £11.6bn climate funding pledge, the Guardian can reveal, as the prime minster is accused of betraying populations most vulnerable to global heating.


UK has ‘lost’ global climate leader status, say its own advisers

LONDON — The U.K. has “lost its clear global leadership position” on climate change and is at serious risk of missing legally-binding emissions targets, according to a damning new report from the government’s official climate adviser.


UK has made ‘no progress’ on climate plan, say government’s own advisers

The government’s plans to hit net zero have been comprehensively criticised in a withering report by its own advisers that warns targets are being missed on nearly every front.


UK heatwave prompts order to fire up coal plant to meet aircon demand

National Grid has asked a coal-fired power station in the east Midlands to warm up to cope with extra electricity demand for air conditioning as much of Britain swelters in the hot conditions.


UK advertising watchdog to crack down on carbon offsetting claims

Adverts that claim products are carbon neutral using offsets are to be banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog unless companies can prove they really work, the Guardian can reveal, as Gucci becomes the latest company to struggle with a high-profile environmental commitment based on offsetting.


‘Half-baked, half-hearted’: critics deride UK’s long-awaited climate strategy

The UK’s new energy plan unveiled on Thursday is a missed opportunity full of “half-baked, half-hearted” policies that do not go far enough to power Britain’s climate goals, according to green business groups and academics.


Sunak to focus on carbon capture and mini-nuclear reactors in energy policy

An energy security strategy will be launched “shortly”, Rishi Sunak has promised, with a focus on ramping up carbon capture and small modular reactors to develop homegrown energy and meet net zero commitments.


* DROUGHT * Driest February in England since 1993 signals drought ahead, say experts

The government risks sleepwalking into a catastrophic drought, experts have said, after England experienced an extremely dry February with very little rain forecast for spring.


How the UK transformed its electricity supply in just a decade

The interactive map is based on six separate data sources processed and then combined using bespoke Python code. While all attempts have been made to capture as complete a picture as possible of the UK electricity system, the overlapping and often incomplete data sources make this challenging.


In the global race to dominate green technology, Britain is still tying its shoelaces

The United States is out of the blocks. The European Union is hurrying along the track. China is competing too. Here in dear old blighty, we are not even at the starting line. While others are dashing towards the horizon, the UK still hasn’t tied its laces.


Greenpeace protesters board Shell platform bound for Shetland

Greenpeace protesters have boarded a Shell floating oil platform which is being transported over 12,000 nautical miles to the Shetland Islands with signs demanding that the fossil fuel giant “Stop drilling – start paying”.


How the UK’s push to reach net-zero could deliver key health benefits

Dr James Milner is assistant professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, specialising in understanding the effects of environmental policies on population health.


New Cumbria coalmine likely to break UK’s climate pledge, analysis says

The new coalmine in Cumbria is likely to prevent the UK from meeting its internationally agreed commitment to reduce emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas methane, analysis has suggested.


Net-zero is ‘economic opportunity of 21st century’ for UK, says Skidmore review

Net-zero is “the economic opportunity of the 21st century”, according to an independent review commissioned by the UK government.


Extinction Rebellion: “Wir hören auf”

Die Klimabewegung kann Schlagzeilen. Das bewies Extinction Rebellion in Großbritannien wieder mal am Neujahrstag. In großen weißen Buchstaben auf schwarzem Untergrund verkündeten die Aktivist:innen auf Twitter: "We quit" ("Wir hören auf").


UK government faces legal action against new coalmine in Cumbria

Friends of the Earth has said it will take legal action against the UK government after ministers granted planning permission for a new coalmine in Cumbria. The environmental campaign group said it would file its claim against the fossil fuel extraction project later this month.

Richest people in UK ‘use more energy flying’ than poorest do overall

The wealthiest people in the UK burn through more energy flying than the poorest use in every aspect of their lives, according to new research. The analysis of data from 2019 highlights “significant inequalities” in energy use across the country.


We will be thanking Just Stop Oil protesters in years to come

I would like to thank all the Just Stop Oil protesters and any others who campaign for a cleaner, greener world (Just Stop Oil’s message to Suella Braverman: threaten us all you like – we’re not listening, 6 December).


UK coal mine approval sparks global fury and hypocrisy claims

The UK government’s approval of its first new coal mine in 30 years has sparked international outrage. After more than three years of debate, communities minister Michael Gove approved the Whitehaven coal mine on Wednesday, based on the top planning official’s recommendation.


UK’s first new coalmine for 30 years gets go-ahead in Cumbria

The UK will build its first new coalmine for three decades at Whitehaven in Cumbria, despite objections locally, across the UK and from around the world.


‘He’s a believer’: will Sunak rebuild green agenda torn up by Truss?

The fact that some environment groups and green Tory MPs are welcoming the prospect of Rishi Sunak as prime minister perhaps shows how far the Overton window has shifted in recent weeks.


Rishi Sunak will keep ban on fracking in UK, No 10 confirms

PM said he stood by Tories’ 2019 manifesto policy when asked in Commons, in rebuff to Liz Truss


England’s summer heat waves linked to record excess deaths among elderly

England recorded 2,803 excess deaths for those aged 65 and over, according to a new government analysis.


Government to unveil crackdown on climate activism and strike action

Ministers are pressing ahead with a dual crackdown on climate protests and strike action, a controversial move that followed a day of direct action in London including clashes with the public and milk poured on the floor of Harrods.


The Contradictions of Climate Activism

On Friday morning two young women approached Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” on display in the National Gallery in London, and hurled tomato soup across the blooms, before gluing themselves to the gallery wall.


Environmental destruction is part of Liz Truss’s plan

The ecological destruction Liz Truss plans to unleash on this country is not collateral damage. It is not a byproduct of her economic programme. It’s a mark of true faith, a sign that she is following her ideology to the letter.


Government confirms it is lifting ban on fracking in England

The government has confirmed it is lifting the moratorium on fracking in England, arguing it will help bolster energy security following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


‘I was told I was a complete idiot’ about organic farming, Charles said in last speech before becoming king

King Charles III said he was thought of as a “complete idiot” for wanting to farm organically, but was proved right over his concerns about the impact of the of the use antibiotics in conventional agriculture.


Liz Truss must publish review on fracking, say green campaigners

Liz Truss must publish a recently completed review on fracking in the UK, green campaigners have urged, amid speculation the new prime minister plans a U-turn that would lift the moratorium on shale gas drilling.


Britain appoints Rees-Mogg, who dismissed climate change risks, to energy role

LONDON, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Britain appointed lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has expressed scepticism about the need to fight climate change as the new business secretary, raising concerns that he could delay the target of reducing net zero emissions by 2050.


Liz Truss shows little sign she is ready to meet big environmental challenges

Liz Truss faces a daunting array of environmental crises, from energy supply to sewage spills on British beaches, with little to show that she has the inclination to take them on.


Esso secures interim injunction against disruptors of aviation fuel pipeline

The oil company Esso has secured an interim high court injunction to prevent environmental protesters disrupting construction work on a 105km-long aviation fuel pipeline.


* HEAT & DROUGHT * Source of River Thames dries out ‘for first time’ during drought

The source of the Thames has dried up during the drought, with river experts saying it is the first time they have seen it happen while forecasters warn of further high temperatures to come.


* HITZE & DÜRRE * Extreme Trockenheit – Dürre-Notstand in Teilen Englands ausgerufen

In Teilen Englands haben die Umweltbehörden den Dürre-Notstand ausgerufen. Die Wasserversorger in den betroffenen Gebieten treffen Massnahmen gegen die Auswirkungen der anhaltenden Trockenheit.

* HEATWAVE * UK people of colour four times more likely to live in areas ‘at higher risk from heatwaves’

People of colour are four times more likely to live in areas at high risk from heatwaves in the UK as the climate heats up, according to experts.


In Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, UK’s two PM contenders have poor climate records

Parliamentarians from the UK’s Conservative Party have given their party members a choice between two candidates for the country’s next prime minister.


* HEATWAVE * How the UK’s ‘insane’ 40C heat was forecast ‘weeks in advance’

The UK has provisionally breached 40C for the first time ever, reaching 40.2C at London Heathrow airport. Before this heatwave, temperatures of 40C had never even been forecast for the UK – let alone recorded.


* HEATWAVE * XR protesters smash windows of News UK over coverage of Britain’s heatwave

Extinction Rebellion protesters have smashed windows at the London headquarters of Rupert Murdoch’s media company, in protest at his outlets’ coverage of the climate crisis.


* CANICULE * Plus de 40 degrés enregistrés au Royaume-Uni, un record historique

L'ONU a appelé mardi à une "prise de conscience" des dirigeants face aux vagues de chaleur comme celle que traverse actuellement l'Europe, qui sont appelées à devenir plus fréquentes à cause du changement climatique au moins jusque dans les années 2060.


Climate activists vow to fight as new gasfield gets go-ahead in North Sea

Environmentalists are threatening legal action in an attempt to halt the development of a new gasfield in the North Sea that has been given the green light by the UK government.


Satellites reveal widespread burning on England’s protected peatlands, despite government ban

The investigation revealed that widespread legal burning has continued on ecologically important English peatland since the new rules took effect, most of it on designated sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) and other conservation areas.


Britain Will Tax Oil and Gas Profits as Cost-of-Living Crisis Swells

The tax on the “extraordinary” profits of oil and gas companies is expected to raise 5 billion pounds and help fund £15 billion in payments to households.